Our Services 

We are a wholesaler and supplier to numerous pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories

 as well as private businesses. Our wide range of products is divided into three sectors; Pharmaceutical, Medical consumables and Medical Laboratory, please find more information on our product rangers below. All our products are sourced and delivered using GDP standards to ensure our customers satisfaction.


We Store and supply a large variety of generic and branded pharmaceuticals including:

Pfizer, Roche, Bayer, Astra Zeneca, GSK, Sanofi, Abbott, Novartis, Bristol Myers, Bristol Lab, Kent, Mylan, Accord, Actavis, Almus, Boehringer, Allergan, Gilead, Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Genzyme, Astellas, Teva , Sandoz, Sterop, Rubio , Keren, Leo, Bbraun , Max pharma and many more. 


We can supply all businesses with medical grade consumables including gloves, masks, and sanitisers. For our latest consumables visit our Instagram page. We are a wholesaler, and our operation is key in delivering the highest quality products at the best price point. We have sustainable business relationships and ongoing trading accounts with numerous companies. 

Medical Labratory 

We have a vast range of Medical Laboratory consumables and equipment’s covering all Haematology, Microbiology, Immunology, Histology, Pathology, Teaching laboratory and Manufacturing labs. We can ensure consignment of fridge line items with our temp logging and validated packaging. Our range of medical laboratory products are supplied through our clients and healthcare distributors.

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We specaialise in :

Cold Chain Pharmacuticals

We specialise in sourcing, handling and distributing cold chain pharmaceuticals , with our state-of-the- art temperature logging devices and our high-tech temperature monitoring warehouse system. We can ensure deliveries of fridge line are always kept in the specified conditions. 

Dental and Surgical Products

We can taiilor to the needs of any dental and surgical products including medical, latex as well as surgical gloves available both powdered and powder free from our high standard manufacture GloMed. 

Immunological and Vaccines

Over the counter Medication

We have to ability to supply blood component and blood diverted products. 

We source a wide range of medications from  treatment to dental irritation medicines, or products can be purchased for pharmacies , major supermarkets as well as online.