About us

We provide many products to hospitals, Laboratories and pharmacies to fulfil their requirements and needs.

We do not have a product price list, as we work with wide range of product depending on our customer request, we work carefully and faithfully to find the best price and service and handle put it with our client’s hands, we pride ourselves on being able to negotiate the best possible price with the manufacturer, distributor or supplier.

We managed to build a strong relationship with suppliers and Manufacturers here in UK, EU and overseas to deliver a best match of products to our customers.

The final cost to the customer depends on the quantities involved, availability of the product and terms of delivery.

Our Speciality involves:

Cold Chain Pharmaceuticals

We also have the ability to source, handle and distribute cold chain pharmaceuticals. With state of the art temperature logging devices we can ensure deliveries of fridge lines are kept to the conditions specified by the manufacturer at all times.

Immunological and Vaccines.

Blood component and Blood diverted Products.



The wholesale operation is one of the key components in our operation. We have substantial business relationships and ongoing trading with companies.


Over the Counter Medications

Treating a wide range of conditions from acne to denture irritation, our products can be purchased from pharmacies, major supermarkets and online.


Medical Laboratory

We provide wide range of Medical Laboratory products and consumables. These are supplied through our clients and healthcare distributors.

Dentals and Surgical Products

Medical Gloves, Latex and surgical. Powdered and Powdered free.

Varied sizes and different thickness with high quality manufactured with a brand name GloMed.



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